From the Ashes by Abraham Hunter


From the Artist:

Devastating forest fires destroyed so much here near my home in the Smoky Mountians last night. I could see the orange glow of flames and smoke through my window as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge suffered under a historic and utterly heart-breaking night. I have watched so many friends lose homes and pets and businesses. I’ve been in tears since yesterday. I have felt so many people’s pain. But pain is my inspiration to do what I do best…paint to inspire and bring hope so I painted this painting today. 

Life has a lot of extremely scary fires, and we question why God won’t just send us even a little rain. We don’t realize at the time that fires nourish the ground with nutrients, revitalize the ecosystem, and kill off the old growth to make way for the new. The forest will be so much more beautiful than it ever was before once spring brings new life after the fire. 

This painting is a trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The friendly momma bear and her cubs are taking a morning walk to enjoy the new glorious life that has blossomed out of the charred remains of their home. They made it through the winter, and now life has a new beginning.

My friends, we will make it through this. This is just the master plan to make everything even more beautiful. Weeping endured for a night, but joy comes with the dawn!

~Abraham Hunter


18×24   SN   (95)   $550 Canvas or  $750 Framed • SOLD OUT •
18×24   AP   (25)   $995 Canvas or $1195 Framed • SOLD OUT •




Available in the following size: 12x16

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Available in the following sizes: 18x27 and 24x36.

Tennessee Home by Abraham Hunter

Tennessee Home is available in the following size: 12x16.

Wish I Could Fly by Abraham Hunter

Wish I Could Fly


From the Artist:

Although I am constantly searching for inspiration, sometimes painting ideas pop into my mind unexpectedly. I watched an episode of Jimmy Kimmel's late night show where an animal expert brought a baby black bear onto the set. The cub was so adorable that I just couldn't resist painting him! As I sketched the cub, I could picture a little of myself in the bear so I was moved to put a little of my own story into the painting.

When I was a child living in South Carolina, I loved watching the jets from the nearby air base fly low over our house. I desperately wanted to fly one of those planes and planned to learn how as soon as I was old enough. Life is crazy sometimes and takes you in unanticipated directions. Instead of learning to fly, I became an artist, and I have been able to spread my wings in a different way than I would have predicted.

The wonder, delight, and maybe even a little envy that the cub is experiencing is something we can all relate to. I entreat you to blaze the path to live the life you want and make your wishes become a reality.

--Abraham Hunter

12x16  S/N  (95)   $550 Framed  or    $400 Unframed •SOLD OUT•
12x16  A/P  (15)   $895 Framed  or    $745 Unframed •SOLD OUT•
18x24  S/N (195)   $895 Framed  or    $695 Unframed
18x24  A/P  (25)  $1395 Framed  or   $1195 Unframed •SOLD OUT•

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