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Field Trip
This adorable duck family was artfully created by Abraham Hunter.
In Jess Wathen's debut piece, he has beautifully rendered a tufted titmouse over a creamy fantasy background.
Autumn in Central Park
Rod Chase has recreated this gorgeous view of Central Park in Autumn.
Abraham Hunter painted this masterful inspirational painting of a lion with Gethsemane in the background to remind you of the wonder of Christ.
A Foggy Day in Paris
Rod Chase has created a magical Parisian wonderland in this piece, A Foggy Morning in Paris.
Follow Me
This peaceful scene created by Mark Keathley will transport you to a place of silence and inner contemplation.
Curious Kit
This adorable little fox kit by Abraham Hunter will light up each morning as you see his little face.
Love the Smokies
Mark Keathley has painted an idyllic scene of the Smoky Mountains. This painting, created to benefit the victims of the Tennessee Wildfires, shows the promise of the coming season.
From the Ashes
Abraham Hunter created this inspiring piece to memorialize the wildfires that plagued East Tennessee.
Uncommon Valor
Rod Chase has beautifully rendered this iconic American monument in his piece Uncommon Valor.
Christmas Crossing
You can almost hear the jingle of sleigh bells in this colorful winter scene.
Perfect Peace
This detailed rendition of the protective lion resting by the delicate lamb by Abraham Hunter is a beautiful reflection of the spiritual ideals it represents.
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Chapels / Churches
Chapels / Churches
Click below to see the wide array of chapel and church artwork available.
Click below to see the wide array of Christmas artwork available.
Mountain Cabins
Mountain Cabins
Click below to see the wide array of mountain cabins artwork available.
Native American
Native American
Click below to see the wide array of Native American artwork available.
New Releases
New Releases
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Paper Lithographs
Paper Lithographs
Click below to see the wide array of paper lithographs available.
Click below to see the wide array of seascape artwork available.
Click below to see the wide array of spiritual artwork available.
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Mark Keathley Book
This coffee table book is 128 pages of full color gloriousness in a 12x12 size so you get to see everything UP CLOSE. The paintings are as gorgeous as ever, and there is plenty of information about Mark and his family so you can get all of the background info into your favorite artist.
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Mark Keathley
Mark Keathley "America's Artist"
Mark is able to blend bold strokes of color and fine detail to bring your focus in to the most important areas, and give you the feeling that you are there. And that is where he wants you to stay - not admiring his ability, but rather inspired to live.
Abraham works in oil, acrylic and occasionally watercolor and strives for extreme photorealism most of the time because he feels it properly honors God’s handiwork by showing all the intricate details.
Jess Wathen
Jess Wathen Contemporary Fantasy
Jess fuses dreams with reality and mixes traditionalism with modernism.
Rod Chase is known to his collectors for producing photo-realism at its finest. This talented artist takes hundreds of photographs of each of his subjects, combining them with historical photographs, to produce a timeless quality in each of his works.